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Whether or not you travel often or occasionally, the act of getting to and from a destination can put a toll on your self care while travelling.

A lot of us plan on rest and relaxation while we travel. But that can all get swept away when running around from airport, to landmarks, to dinner.

Jet lag, flying and being in a new destination do a number on travellers. Thankfully, there are ways to practice self-care while travelling that can help you appreciate your surroundings so much more.

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5 Simple Ways to Practice Self Care While Travelling

practicing self care while traveling with a coconut

After many a mishap on my travels (like being too cranky and tired to function, or letting hanger get in the way of a good evening), I’ve learned the importance of self-care while travelling.

Every traveller is different; while some may adjust naturally to new surroundings, others may take some time to get accustomed.

Being in a new or unfamiliar place can bring on anxiety and other issues that can make the entire trip go awry.

But being prepared and practicing some self-care will allow you to ease into your trip a little easier, and enjoy every moment.

Maintain Your Routine to Keep Up With Self Care While Travelling

A lot of us use travel to break out of our daily grind and experience new things. But our own personal routines can go a long way in making us feel truly comfortable in new surroundings.

Some travellers may choose to swear off the gym while on vacation. On the other hand, I know travellers who can’t get comfortable without getting in their usual workout.

A routine could be that bit of meditation in the morning or a moment with a book in the evening. If there’s something that you look forward to at home that keeps you zen and balanced, try to add that to your travel routine.

Self Care While Travelling Means EATING

I still forget to eat when I travel.

It’s way too easy to get caught up in transportation, or bopping between landmarks. Before you know it, your tummy is growling and the hanger is rising.

In this scenario, it will only get worse the longer you put off eating. And sometimes eating may be out of your hands if you’re lost and can’t find a place or during transportation.

Taking just a bit of time to prepare in advance (like packing snacks or planning out a lunch break) will make sure you keep energized.

If you’ll be on a long plane, train or bus, grab food before boarding so you have something to eat when hunger strikes.

While some transportation services offer snacks and beverages on board, they can cost a pretty penny. Tucking away some munchies will save you some dollars and stress if you’re budget-minded.

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self care during travel

Be Mindful of Your Indulgence

While I basically just screamed at you to eat while you travel, try to also be mindful of your indulgences. Everything in moderation (God I can hear my mom’s voice).

Having an upset stomach or being too hungover to function can definitely put a damper on your travels.

And while you should definitely give that buffet or bar your all at least once during your travels, making it a habit can bring down your overall experience.

Try new things, but know your limits.

Skip Stressful Landmarks and Destinations (Resist FOMO)

Does bracing the crowd at the Louvre in the middle of high season sound inviting? If pushing and shoving to get a blurred view of the Mona Lisa sounds like a pain, then skip it!

I’m not saying to skip all the landmarks, not the ones you really want to see anyway. But don’t get caught up in the hype of others.

If you find history boring, and you rather look at architecture while at a destination, gear your plans towards what you like.

This might sound harder to do if you’re travelling as a group. But give yourself the permission to back out of an excursion or outing if you’re not feeling up for it.

On the other hand, you can bargain in some things you really want to do with your travel partner. (This makes doing that boring thing much more worth it.)

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Give Yourself Some Extra Time for Travel Self Care

Rushing around to see everything you can is more stressful than it’s worth. Don’t try to pack hundreds of landmarks and sights into one itinerary and give yourself some time to just be!

My favourite part about travelling is basking in new surroundings. Sometimes that means not doing a damn thing!

In Paris, I loved lazing around parks. And when road tripping, I find giving myself extra time to arrive at my destination makes the trip less stressful. Even an evening or extra day to recover from driving makes the entire trip a bit easier.

taking it easy and practicing self care while travelling

Don’t try to fill your day with as many activities as you can either. Add some buffer room (pad time let’s say) to your activities so you’re not left frazzled.

If you need some time for R&R, book that extra night, or save a morning for absolutely nothing and really give yourself a vacation.

To Wrap This Up

All of the above points are ways to practice self-care while travelling that don’t cost much more than a little extra planning. The results are a little extra time spent on you!


What steps do you use to practice self care while travelling?

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