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With memories of Paris bringing cheese, crepes and of course, wine to mind, I didn’t expect to be exploring the world of craft beer in Paris on my return.

Craft beer is becoming quite the scene in the city of lights, and once you realize it, you can’t unsee it.

You’re sure to find more than just Kronenbourg on tap in Parisian bars these days. And I’m so here for Paris’ craft beer revolution.

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Independent Craft Brewers in Paris

My first introduction to the Paris craft beer scene was through our host at our first apartment in the city.

“I have this!” she said holding up a growler almost the size of her small frame.

She explained it was from BAPBAP, a local brewery in the 11th arrondissement.

After supporting their launch on Kickstarter, she received a beer growler from BAPBAP to fill up every month at their brewery.

As a welcome gift, she told us to take her monthly fill – so of course we did!

BAPBAP Brewery

Address: 79 Rue Saint-Maur, 75011 Paris, France

We used the excuse of the growler to take a stroll in Paris’ trendy 11th. The warm spring day was another excuse to sip on some brews.

We found BAPBAP tucked away on Rue Saint-Maur. Well, we found the address anyway, and it was a small storefront right next door to what seemed like another specialty beer store. There seems to be a trend here.

The store was closed but fortunately, they would open in a couple of hours so we decided to hang around.

parisian beers

The Store

What they had when they opened wasn’t very big but it was interesting.

The small sparse room decorated with BAPBAP bottles made it evident they were still up and coming.

The (owner? clerk?) dude in charge served us immediately. Once we showed him the growler, he understood and told us to give him just a few moments.

We sat down on the one bench they had in the room and started reading some pamphlets they had laying around. They were from past festivals detailing the different beers BAPBAP had to offer.

They had a great starting line-up, from IPA to their Original pale ale and reading the descriptions made me even more excited to try a taste.

As start-up troubles would bring though, their pump wasn’t working which meant no refill on the growler. Instead, they offered a six-pack of their popular summer brew in exchange.

french beer stores

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The Taste

We went back to our apartment, and chilled the bottles for a few minutes before cracking our brews.

The taste was incredibly delicious. It might have been the best beer I’ve tried throughout my stay in France so far. It was smooth, with nutty notes, and a refreshingly crisp flavour.

As a Canadian growing up in a region filled with craft brewers, I was thoroughly impressed with French craft beer.

Paris’ Craft Beer Uprising

Since my first taste of BAPBAP, this Paris craft beer company has blossomed.

They’ve moved beyond their little storefront and around the corner to a large establishment behind a large garage door. And now, BAPBAP is one of the most popular craft beers in Paris.

BAPBAP has now also upped their beer roster and have added a variety of titles to their menu. Their brewery has clearly grown and you can even visit BAPBAP for a brewery tour in Paris.

With all that said about this brand, it isn’t the only place you can see Paris’ craft beer industry shining.

Craft Beer Stores in Paris

Wineries are expected all through the city of lights, but there are more and more craft beer stores popping up alongside them.

In fact, Paris is now home to a number of large beer stores with massive selections of craft beer.

La Moustache Blanche sits in the Bastille area boasting a wide variety of local and international beer, while Biérocratie is a favourite in the 13th that includes a long list of brands down to microbrews.

You can even be super fancy and head to La Binouze,where they carry over 600 brands of only carefully selected craft beer.

paris bars

Can I Find Craft Beer Bars in Paris?

You sure can!

Beer stores aren’t the only place you’ll see craft beer titles lining the shelves; they’ve made their way into a number of Parisian bars over the years too!

Most trendy bars will have at least one craft beer on hand, and some of the options may not even be local.

Brooklyn Brewery from (you guessed it) New York is quite popular in Paris, and available at a wide variety of bars around town. But if you’re looking for a more local brand, Gallia is becoming a common option as well.

But why not head to a place where you can try a bunch of Parisian craft beer all at once?

Beer halls and bars centred around craft beer are popular in Paris and one won’t be hard to find.

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Where to Drink Craft Beer in Paris?

If you’re looking to try a variety of beers while out in Paris, you’ll have a number of bars to choose from.

craft beer in paris

Hoppy Corner

34 Rue des Petits Carreaux, 75002 Paris, France

This beer hall is always packed thanks to its changing menu of craft beer. They have about fifteen different options to choose from and you can enjoy it all in a friendly environment.

Their menu has a great range of flavours and colours to try, and they’re pretty reasonably priced!

Les Trois 8

 11 Rue Victor Letalle, 75020 Paris, France

The 20th arrondissement is actually getting pretty cool, and Les Trois 8 is one of the reasons to blame.

Not only do they have over 100 bottled craft beers to choose from, but they’ve added on a rotating menu of draught beer too!

It’ll be far from pompous, tucked away in the outer region of the city, but you’ll have plenty to choose from at reasonable prices.

There’s also something here for wine lovers (a rotating menu of natural wine!) but that’s for another article.

breweries in paris

To Wrap It Up

France may have taken some time to catch up in terms of beer making, but they’re definitely making up for lost time.

So the next time you’re in Paris, don’t ignore the beer!


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