best cheap montreal restaurants

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Montreal is known for having the most restaurants per capita. While many other cities have claimed that title, one thing’s for sure, you’ll be spoiled for choice in Quebec’s capital. This city has something for everyone, especially those on a budget and cheap Montreal restaurants aren’t to be ignored.

With so many spots to choose from, it can be hard to find the cheap Montreal restaurant that’s worth it. Even when the food’s cheap, it’s always better when it’s good.

best cheap montreal restaurants

Cheap Montreal restaurants open and close all the time. To help you decide on your new favourite spot, check out some of our favourite suggestions below.

I’ll mention here that all of these options will have vegetarian and vegan choices because I’m vegetarian! So, my fellow vegetarians need not worry about the following cheap Montreal restaurants.

Best Cheap Montreal Restaurants for Dining In


1641 St Denis St, Montreal

Cinko was one of the first restaurants I visited when visiting Montreal. How could I not after seeing that everything on the menu was five dollars!

Their menu was far from basic with enticing comfort-food options like fish and chip tacos, braised-beef sweet potato poutine, and of course, your classic burger. For our fellow vegetarians, you’ll find veggie burgers, tofu sandwiches, and veggie dogs offered too!

The menu has changed over the years, and along with a few different choices, now the entire menu is offered at $5.55 with the purchase of a drink.

Don’t worry, it’s still worth it since the portions are on par with standard restaurant sizes. I often make the mistake of ordering two mains and regretting it later (though I wouldn’t regret it if they allowed you to leave with a take-out bag).

While the portion sizes are impressive for the price, the decor and ambiance are really what makes this place shine. Black and white modern patterns mesh with bright, fun colours to bring a chill, creative vibe to the restaurant that looks like it gained inspiration from Andy Warhol.

cheap montreal restaurants
By: Jeangagnon (CC-BY-SA-3.0)

The vinyl placemats are also a nice added touch, and with a DJ present on lively evenings, it’s a great place to meet up with friends or grab a quick bite to eat without worrying about overspending. Hell, you can even bring a date here if they’re not fussy about the cost.

Drinks are usually on the expensive side and the servers can be a little rash but hey, it’s five dollars.

El Furniture Warehouse

3565 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal

You can find similar menu options and pricing to Cinko at El Furniture Warehouse in Montreal’s Plateau.

Everything on the menu is priced at just under six dollars. This includes yummy bar favourites like nachos, crispy mac n’ cheese and even crispier chicken wings.

The vibe of this restaurant is your typical modern Canadian bar, usually blaring classic pop hits, with an adventurous drink menu. Don’t expect too much in terms of ambiance from the Warehouse but it’s still an acceptable place to meet up with friends or coworkers.

And if you do end up ordering too much from this cheap Montreal restaurant, their friendly staff will be sure to help you out with some take-out boxes (giving them a small win over Cinko).

This restaurant is a part of a chain with a location on Mont-Royal (“L’Entropot”) in Montreal as well as spots in Toronto and Ottawa. This may keep the menu pretty basic but so worth the price.

Eva B’s

2015 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal

It took me three years to finally visit this hipster-friendly vintage store, and when I did, boy was I impressed.

I wasn’t initially impressed by the number of floors spanning a slew of vintage finds, or the racks and racks of trinkets from who-knows-where, but I was first blown away by the fact that their dollar samosas were incredible.

As for their dollar Americanos? Well, I’m not sure you can get an Americano anywhere cheaper in the city.

Their menu doesn’t stop there, with an array of options including vegan and vegetarian homestyle dishes. Sandwiches and wraps are all five-dollars and you’ll find housemade soups and salads for three.

Smoothies, desserts, and other snacks are also available (did I mention they have free popcorn?), and you can combine dishes to make your own custom deals. You can get a pretty big meal for less than ten dollars here.

While they do have some seats for dining spread throughout the quirky establishment, visiting Eva B in the warmer months is always better when their three-floor terrasse opens so you can enjoy your meal in their scenic garden.

Resto Végo

1720 St Denis St, Montreal

Josh and I discovered this place by chance when we hit the ‘hangry’ zone when running errands around town. We’re glad we did though; we were surprised by the options and the prices.

They have a two-floor restaurant with a buffet upstairs, a take-out counter downstairs, and plenty of casual seating all around.

This place is pretty much self-serve, perfect for a quick bite or a casual lunch. The buffet (which I haven’t visited yet) is based on weight, while options at the takeaway table are around $5 to $10.

I’ve personally taste-tested many of their wraps and salads from the take-out counter and they’ve all tasted fresh, delicious, healthy, and are surprisingly filling! They have a large patio open in the warmer months with plenty of seating too.

Best Cheap Montreal Restaurants for Take-Out

Patati Patata

4177 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal

Another cheap Montreal restaurant nestled in the Plateau is local favourite diner Patati Patata, best known for their burgers and poutine.

A poutine from Patati Patata was one of my first meals in the city, and to this day, it’s still on my list of go-to comfort snacks.

Hamburgers, fish-burgers and tofu burgers are all available at under $3 each, while a poutine will run you about $6.

They have other options, including breakfast but I don’t know anyone who has ordered anything beyond their burgers and poutines, though I’m sure they’re reasonably priced as well.

cheap eats Montreal
By: snowpea&bokchoi (CC BY 2.0)

This popular spot is open late, and while there’s space to dine-in, this restaurant is simply too small to really eat in comfort, so you’re better off getting your meal to go.

Vua Bahn-Mi

1579 St Denis St, Montreal

Vietnamese Bahn-mi sandwiches never tasted so good, especially for under $5. With locations around the city (my favourite on St. Denis near Berri-UQAM), it’s easy to pop into this restaurant for a bite.

Their claim to fame is their sandwiches, offered in six and nine-inch, white or whole-wheat buns with a variety of fillings to choose from including beef, ham and tofu.

They’re always satisfying and filling with just the perfect tanginess of pickled vegetables, and the tofu included with my favourite order is always flavourful.

Stopping here for a sandwich is a no-brainer, especially when you’re busy bouncing around the city, but each location offers a thirty-five percent discount an hour before closing.

These discounts apply to their pre-packaged sushi, wraps, and sandwiches which is always a steal since these options are always fresh and tasty – it’s just a great way to get rid of food at the end of the day!

While VUA is recommended for take-out, the St. Denis location does have limited dining space, and other locations have bigger dining rooms.


Various locations

Boustan was recommended to me by my very first boss in Montreal, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Not only did they deliver everything to me for under ten dollars, but visiting one of their locations around the city means even sweeter deals.

I’m a loyal fan of their falafel pitas, jam-packed with flavour, made quick for under $5, but they’re claim to fame are their shawarma pitas priced at under $6.

Boustan is a local favourite for a reason, they have locations and delivery open late, and they’re cheap for the quality that you get. It’s a great stop for the late-night party crowd.

Their side options are your standard Lebanese options like tabouleh and garlic potatoes in their delicious garlic sauce (you’ll need a few breath mints after this one). This same sauce delicious are smothered over their pitas too!

From my experience, the staff is always nice, and their quality is pretty consistent.

Patisserie Harmonie

85 Rue de la Gauchetière O

It’s not often that I’m in Montreal’s Chinatown that I don’t stop into this bakery to see what delicious treats I can sneak away with.

Patisserie Harmonie boasts a wide variety of sweet and savoury Chinese pastries including my ultimate favourite – the red bean sesame roll.

If you have a sweet tooth you’ll fall in love with their coconut, custard-filled pastries and their mochi, while savoury favourites include their hot-dog pastries, tuna buns, and spinach danishes.

If you tend to eat with your eyes, they have pastries designed like your favourite cartoon characters which are very hard to take bites out of.

This spot is usually packed during busy Chinatown times (lunchtime and weekends) so a little bit of patience will get you fresh, soft, and delicious treats.

Oh yeah, they’re all priced under $3 with some just over a dollar so you’re definitely grabbing more than just one.


What’s your favourite cheap Montreal restaurant?

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