Travel tips and inspiration to travel the world – no matter the budget.

“ I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met. – John Green.”

Background Info

Canadian born and raised by Caribbean and British immigrants, Lily Paulette Hall moved from Toronto, ON to Montreal, QC after obtaining an educational background in journalism.

A former assistant at a national Canadian talk show, Lily spent her years prior and after moving to Montreal working in positions including, marketing management, communications directing, and social media consulting.

Bashed in the head by wanderlust, Lily did the cliche thing and eventually quit the lifestyle of 9-to-5s to travel Europe and move across the pond.

After committing to a dream of moving to Paris for a year in 2016, Lily turned to freelance writing to fund her expat lifestyle. She has recently returned to Montreal where she continues to write professionally in the travel, lifestyle and cannabis niches.

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Why Anchoring Away?

After quitting her job to backpack Europe in 2016, Lily was inspired by her travels and founded as a way to use her skills to document their adventures.

Inspired by travelling on a budget, Anchoring Away was made to inspire others with travel tips to see the world no matter the budget.

“I travel on a freelancer’s budget. That doesn’t stop me from living my best life at locations around the world. Unfortunately, cash is the main reason a lot of people deter embarking on amazing adventures, so I made this blog to share with others how to travel the world on any budget.”

Lily Paulette Hall

(Don’t worry, I’ll also include when it’s okay to splurge. There’s always time to ‘treat yo’self’!)

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It’s Not All About Budget Travel Tips

Lily has spent the last few years bopping about the earth as a freelance travel writer.

She’s been featured in a variety of publications around the globe and is the author of “Greater Than a Tourist – Paris, France – 50 Travel Tips From a Local”.

As a travel journalist, I’m able to combine my passion for words and my love of the earth. It helps that I genuinely love research; not only does it help me plan my trips, but it helps write some killer copy about travel tips too!


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Lily Paulette Hall

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