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Halloween in Montreal is one of the most exciting times in the city. Not only are we all gawking at fall’s changing colours, but this is the time when an array of chilling Montreal Halloween activities come alive.

After the dog days of summer, there’s not much to look forward to, especially those of us who have to go back to school or work. All the more reason to get excited about the season by trotting about the city and getting caught up in one (or more) of many spooktacular events.


Montreal has a knack for rolling out activities that fit the season, and Halloween is no different with spirited pastimes to fill the October Halloween month.

7 Montreal Halloween Events for Every Persona

Zombie Walk

Every year, the Halloween festivities get kicked off with the annual zombie walk.

What is a zombie walk you ask? This is when citizens and visitors volunteer to get dressed up on their own accord in their best representation of the undead.

The zombies then embark on a parade down one of Montreal’s main roads, with music, live bands, and their best reenactments of slow-moving, groaning monsters.

halloween Montreal

Anyone can participate, and volunteers are encouraged to get as creative (or as little creative) as they like!

If you arrive early, there should be artists on-site to help out make-up-less zombies so everyone can get the ultimate walking dead experience.

If you choose not to participate, it’s still great to head out and see all the great costumes and buzz of the city. Just don’t be alarmed if a zombie pops into sight.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Montreal is home to the largest Rocky Horror Picture Show experience in North America.

This event has been just as much of a cult classic as the film since it began some years ago.

A live cast accompanies the film as it plays on the big screen behind, while the audience is prompted to participate in rituals that coincide with the movie.

We love a good screamer. Just know that whenever Brad’s name is mentioned, you should yell “ASSHOLE!” and when Janet’s name is mentioned, you should yell “SLUT!” You’ll see why.

The audience is also encouraged to arrive dressed to impress with costumes in relation to the film along with extra props like toilet paper, toast, and a newspaper.

All you really need to attend is a simple ticket that can be purchased in advance online or at various locations around the city. Tickets will also be available at the door the night of the event.

Fright Fest

Take advantage of Six Flags on the island across from the Montreal skyline and see the monsters and ghouls come out to play.

Montreal’s La Ronde unleashes an array of harrowing activities for guests to enjoy. This includes specially designed mazes with live actors, themes, and over-the-top decorations.

Montreal Halloween

The theme park will also have scare zones (literal areas of the park that you walk through where actors and props are laid out to scare you), as well as Halloween-themed shows and performances.

You can usually get major discounts on season passes for the park around the autumn months.

These offers will give you access to the park for the current and coming year, as well as access to all the frightening festivities during the month of October.

And if the displays don’t have you screaming, the rides remain open until the park closes so you can seek out your perfect thrill.

Montreal Ghost Tours

Montreal is buried in deep history and a long history usually comes with some ghost stories. I’ve heard a few famous ones from different neighbourhoods, but I’m sure these are just the beginning.

There are a number of ghost walks and tours to take part in, especially during this time of year. Not only will you get a chance to participate in a spooky seasonal activity, but you’ll learn a lot about the city while you’re at it.

Some guests on these walks will be guided by actors playing ghosts of the past, as they lead you on a moonlit tour with flashlights and haunting stories.

Most of the city’s history is apparent in Montreal’s Old Port, a great place to start your adventure. You’ll find ghost tours starting here as well as Griffintown and other areas of the city.

These tour services usually amp things up with special Halloween theatrics and themes making this season a great time to tag along.

what to do Montreal Halloween

Escape Rooms

Escaping a locked room may not be everyone’s idea of fun, which makes Halloween the perfect time to give it a try.

The escape room trend blew up in the last decade, and things don’t seem to be slowing down with a number of locations popping up around the globe.

These games are like live-action escape games, where players are locked inside a room (sometimes even handcuffed). Players will then need to solve puzzles using clues and hints to escape within a set amount of time.

These puzzles can be anything from riddles to math equations, so if you’re keen on winning, it always helps to have a variety of skills on hand.

Games designed for two or more people, perfect for howling in the holiday with some friends. If you choose to do this on a date, pick your partner wisely.

Like amusement parks and ghost tours, escape room businesses usually amp things up around Halloween to include fitting decorations and live actors. This adds that extra thrilling feel to escape room adventures.

These added extras usually come with promotional pricing (either cheaper or more expensive than normal), but these theatrical bonuses make the experience all the more exciting.

Cirque de Boudoir 

If ghosts, zombies, and roller coasters aren’t enough to give you a thrill, Cirque de Boudoir’s kinky themed event might be more up your alley.

Cirque de Boudoir’s claim to fame are their sexy parties, especially their Halloween event with varying themes each year.


Claimed as Montreal’s “kinkiest thematic event”, guests are sure to find something to enjoy during the all-night affair.

The location of choice for this unapologetic hedonistic circus party is usually a cathedral in the city and features performances, dungeons and music by local DJs.

While you won’t find public displays of deep affection at these parties, guests are encouraged to dress up in their kinkiest attire. There’s a strict mandatory dress code in place that includes no jeans, t-shirts, or sneakers (this includes no casual dresses).

Acceptable dress options include latex, leather, lace, rope bondage, drag, cosplay, and burlesque. Basically, almost anything goes.

Nightclubs move over; if you really want to dress up in your skimpiest costume, this is the place to do it.

As expected from a city known for their strip clubs, massage parlours, and escorts, an event like this in Montreal is really no surprise, open to everyone, no matter your kink level (just don’t forget the fishnets).

All of the Parties

And if a kinky party isn’t exactly the festive event you had in mind, you won’t be without choices in Montreal on Halloween.

With bars and restaurants for miles, most with their own themed parties, it won’t be hard to find a venue with some festive activities. Halloween is a popular time for adults to ring in the day with celebratory cocktails found throughout the city.

A quick search will give you an array of options, while Couchsurfing and MeetUp are great for finding different events in the city aimed at travellers and locals alike.

Get dressed up, and see what’s out on the town! You can even bar hop on streets like St. Laurent, St Catherine, or St. Denis in full costume. Chances are, you won’t be the only one.

Where to Find Halloween Costumes in Montreal?

Now that you have some Halloween events in Montreal to sort through, you might need some costume options to go with them.

halloween costumes in Montreal

One of the many reasons Montreal is great for the Halloween season is the number of options available for costume shopping.

Whether you choose to purchase a packaged outfit, put one together, or make one of your own, it won’t be hard to do in this city.

Costume Shops

Along with the usual pop-up stores that open up during the season, Montreal also has costume shops open year-round that are perfect for getting your perfect alter-ego together.

Imagine Le Fun on Mont-Royal and Malabar on Parc are two staple costume shops that offer a variety of getups including masks and full mascots.

There are also party stores like Party Balloons on St. Catherine West that offer costume options with a wide variety available around Halloween.

Thrift and Vintage Stores

There are no shortage of vintage stores around Montreal, and they’re the perfect place to begin if you’re putting your outfit together from scratch.

While you may find full costumes or masks available on racks or in bins, Montreal’s vintage and thrift stores are sure to inspire with other gems you can find in-store.

Eva is a great place to get inspired, with floors of clothes to rummage through, and you can always take a snack break in between. You’ll also find great props to go with your outfit at locations like this too!

Clothing Stores

Your usual chain clothing stores are always an option if you’re short on time, or just don’t have the patience to craft your own or deal with crowds at costume stores.

While it may take a bit of imagination (or a no fucks given attitude) to bring what’s available in-store to life, it certainly beats showing up to a costume party without an outfit.

montreal events halloween

Common things you’ll find are headbands with different themes (devil horns, bunny ears etc.) tutus, animal tails, and other somewhat basic accessories.

Head downtown and check out staple stores like H&M, Forever21, or Urban Planet. If you have options at home to combine with these, it can definitely work in your favour.

Sex Shops

Just like there are no shortage of vintage shops, sex shops aren’t hard to find in Montreal either.

Roleplay and cosplay are popular in the bedroom, and sex shops usually supply a variety of outfits that you can easily pull off at a club (or adult party).

It will be easy to find options like a nurse, police officer, or angel but you can also find unique outfits too. Needless to say, these options are totally fitting if you plan on attending the Cirque de Boudoir event mentioned above.

Sex shops carry fishnets and other lingerie items that you can add to your outfit too. It could really be your one-stop shop – depending on the event of course.

Et voila! Now go forth and tackle Halloween in Montreal like the festival ghouls and gals you are!


What’s your favourite Montreal Halloween event?

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