Travel tips and inspiration to travel the world = no matter the budget.

“ I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met. – John Green.”

Background Info

It’s crazy how life can feel so mundane and boring even while living in the largest city in the country. After spending four years obtaining an educational background in journalism, and working odd jobs trying to figure out my place in the bustling city, dreaming about the adventures outside of the Greater Toronto Area only fueled my curiosity.

A weekend trip to Montreal would turn into a month-long vacation, which would lead to a year in a new whimsical city to call home. But of course, that wasn’t enough, so savings from my job as a Communications Director and a supportive, adventurous partner would kick off my adventures around the world.

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Why Anchoring Away?

Anchoring Away was made to inspire others with travel tips to so they can travel the world – no matter the budget.

I travel on a freelancer’s budget. That doesn’t stop me from living my best life at locations around the world.

That does stop a lot of my friends. So I made this blog to share with them and you, how you can travel the world on a budget.

(Don’t worry, I’ll also include when it’s okay to splurge. There’s always time to ‘treat yo’self’!)

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It’s Not All About Travel Tips

As for me? I’ve spent the last few years bopping about the earth as a freelance travel writer.

As a travel journalist, I’m able to combine my passion for words and my love of the earth.

It helps that I genuinely love research; not only does it help me plan my trips, but it helps write some killer copy about travel tips too!

I’m always open to collaborations for this travel blog. Just reach out!

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travel tips writer lily paulette hall

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