“ I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met. – John Green.”

It’s crazy how life can feel so mundane and boring even while living in the largest city in the country. After spending four years obtaining an educational background in journalism, and working odd jobs trying to figure out my place in the bustling city, dreaming about the adventures outside of the Greater Toronto Area only fueled my curiosity.

A weekend trip to Montreal would turn into a month-long vacation, which would lead to a year in a new whimsical city to call home. But of course, that wasn’t enough, so savings from my job as a Communications Director and a supportive, adventurous partner would kick off my adventures around the world.

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Savings can only go so far when you travel, especially when the brunt of your cash gets spent on getting from one continent to another. But there’s one thing I’ve learned from living in one of the most expensive cities in Canada – it pays to be frugal. While travelling with a carry-on, volunteering for food and board, hitchhiking and sleeping on stranger’s couches may not be up everyone’s vacation alley, budget travel is one of the only ways a twenty-something can afford to see our amazing world, and it makes for some pretty awesome adventures.

A lot of people (my friends included) are often deterred by travel due to cost. In order to inspire, I documented my travels and included every budget-cutting trick I used along the way. To continue to inspire fellow dreamers, I’ve compiled a world of inspiration in hopes that nothing stops others from seeing the world. I’ve always had a passion for writing, so why not combine the two? Of course, I do believe in treating yourself so I’ll always include the ‘worth it splurges’ here as well! Cheap travel, cultural adventures, and inexpensive treats await – thanks for joining me!

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